Everyday Life in
Hill County

Hillsboro Depot
  Hillsboro Depot, 1900

Since Hill County was founded in 1853, the everyday lives of its citizens have certainly seen some changes.

People initially moved between places by horse and buggy and crossed the Brazos River by ferry.  Soon, railroads arrived to move both people and freight.  Later, automobiles arrived and electric railways transported residents to and from the larger cities.

Farming was the primary occupation when the county was new, and many made their living growing cotton.  Later, people moved to town and started business like banks, hotels, and restaurants.

In the 1960’s Bob Dylan sang "The Times They Are a-Changin."  Since the beginning of Hill County, everyday life has been "a-changing" generation-to-generation, decade-to-decade, and day-to-day.

Hill Hotel in Aquilla, Texas
  Hill Hotel in Aquilla, Texas
Grimes Garage

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