Historic Hubbard Museum

Fire Hose Reel Cart and Manual Cotton Compress
  Fire Hose Reel Cart and manual Cotton Compress

300 North 6th Street, Hubbard, Texas
Open Wednesday 10 am – 4 pm and Saturday 10 am – 5 pm
Admission free.   Donations accepted.

The Historic Hubbard Museum is located throughout three floors of the Historic Hubbard High School.  The museum contains photos and memorabilia from Hubbard and the surrounding areas, providing a picture of life in earlier times.

The museum is housed in the Historic Hubbard High School.  The school was completed in 1914 and was the only high school in the area until 1978, when a new facility was built.  The building has been restored and renovated, and is as interesting as the memorabilia contained within.

Bounds Barber Shop
Bounds Barber Shop  

The first floor now houses an area history museum and the Tris Speaker Sports Hall of Fame, which contains an extensive collection of memorabilia from sportsmen Tris Speaker, Tony York and Carlisle Littlejohn. 

On the second floor is the Berta Leon Doll Collection in the Class of 1946 Room. About one hundred dolls, part of a much larger collection, are displayed and labeled inside glass cases.

Other displays in the museum include items from

Crystal Theatre ad
  • Dr. H. P. Sammons
  • Judge Samuel Johnson, Jr.
  • The Murphy Service Station and Garage
  • The Crystal Theater
  • Bounds Barber Shop
  • The Hubbard Hot Well
  • Early Hubbard area schools
  • Hubbard High School athletes
Western Display

True Texas Tales of the People, Places, and Events of Hill County, Texas