Hill County, Texas

  • Founded 1853
  • Named for George Washington Hill
  • County seat: Hillsboro
  • Area: 983 sq miles, including 24 sq miles of water
  • Population estimate (2012): 35,115

True Tales of Hill County, Texas

It has been said that there’s "no place like Texas" and the same applies to Hill County.  With its unique blend of people, places, and events, Hill County’s history has helped to shape the lives of its citizens, many of which have gone on to shape the lives of citizens of this state, this country, and of the world.

Dedication Ceremony
Courthouse Dedication Ceremony with Governor Bush
to the right of the woman at the podium

Interurban in Hillsboro around 1947
Interurban in Hillsboro around 1947  

The Editorial Director of Spirit magazine wrote:

"My friend, Doug Humes, knows there isn’t a boring square inch in America. Even though he’s not a professional historian or story teller, Doug can dig up the secrets of a place faster than anybody I know. I grew up with him in the Philadelphia suburbs, a place I believed to be the epicenter of boredom – until Doug started telling me stories about spies and smugglers and American Indians and many other true tales of the place."

Itasca Depot, 1906
Itasca Depot, 1906  
Elvis Presley at Andrews Cafe
  Elvis Presley in uniform, shaking hands,
as he left Andrews Cafe on his way to Fort Hood,
March 28, 1958

Hillsboro Fire Truck  
Gathering at Towash Mill
Towash Mill social gathering, c. 1890's  

Some people may think that "nothing ever happens around here" or that Hill County is "the epicenter of boredom" but nothing could be further from the truth.  There have been jail escapes by a member of Bonnie & Clyde’s gang, and visits by United States Presidents.  There are ghost towns and "real" ghosts.   There have been newsworthy fires at a local cemetery and at the county courthouse.

Whitney Dam souvenir
Whitney Dam souvenir  
R. O. Caldwell Gin, Whitney, 1933 advertising
  R. O. Caldwell Cotton Gin, Whitney,
1933 advertising

Hillsboro Courthouse Square, 1905
Hillsboro Courthouse Square, 1905  

Whitney Mail Carriers
  Whitney Mail Carriers

Read about some of these True Texas Tales of the people, places and events of Hill County and you will begin to understand the varied ways that Hill County and its residents have contributed to Texas, and the world.

Tris Speaker
  Tris Speaker,
Baseball Hall of Famer
and Hubbard native
First National Bank of Whitney note Reverse Side
First National Bank of Whitney Currency, 1900  

True Texas Tales of the People, Places, and Events of Hill County, Texas