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  The Empresario's Office
Cotton, Cattle & Railroads
    Removal of the American Indians
  Populating the State
  Economic Depression
  Leaders and Trends
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A primary intent of this website is to make Hill County an “interesting place to be from” for the young people who reside here. Healthy self-esteem is directly linked to who we are, and feeling pride in one’s origins is key. With that goal in mind, we have built an educational component into this site to enable teachers to easily incorporate local history in their Texas history lessons. We have attempted to provide teachers with the proper tools and resources for doing so, along with the appropriate inter-correlations with CSCOPE units and with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) references for each activity.

The website is designed to be simple to navigate for students of all grades. In addition, it was designed to be readily accessible to users with both new and older technology computers, tablets, and smartphones. Teachers who have access to a set of classroom-issued mobile devices, as well as those whose students are permitted to use their own mobile devices, can consider taking advantage of some optional activity enhancements designed for use with available free apps. A folder of some apps that have good educational applications is included with these Resource Materials.

The units that have been developed for the teaching of local Hill County history based on this Heart of Texas Tales (HoTT) website are directly aligned to the CSCOPE units for 7th grade Texas History. Because of the time periods in which most of Hill County’s history occurred, these units cluster around the 2nd part of the Texas history curriculum. 2nd and 4th grade adaptations for these units, based on the appropriate CSCOPE and TEKS, will be available in separate folders. 

All documents appear in either .pdf or .jpg format for ease of compatibility. The blued, underlined entries in these resource materials denote (and alert the teacher to where to access) specific page locations in the HoTT website that teachers may refer to during these lessons.

Each lesson includes both a “Content-Delivery” document and an “Activities” document. The content delivery gives guidelines for instruction of the web-based lesson, as well as supplementary content for optional use. The activities range from interactive processing of information, creative writing (including optional comic strips created with the Pixntell app), decision-making responses (with a TodaysMeet option), creative role-play (including an optional sock puppet show with the Popplet Lite app), chart worksheets and mapping activities. All activities are tied to the TEKS goals. Optional supplementary documents that expand on the lesson are available in most units.

We encourage you to treat your students to the True Texas Tales of the people, places and events of Hill County. In giving them access to their legacy, they will begin to understand the varied ways that Hill County and its residents have contributed to Texas, and the world.

For questions regarding this website,
send an email to the Fort Graham Chapter of the Texas DAR.

True Texas Tales of the People, Places, and Events of Hill County, Texas